Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

Sms Ucapan Selamat C. Sms Natalan

C.     Sms Natalan

·        SMILE-it makes you look nice!
PRAY-it makes you stronger!
GIVE-it makes you richer!
LOVE-it makes you know life!
MARRY C’MAST…May god blezz you

·        I’ve a special x’mas gift for you:
A glass of care
A plate of love
A spoon of peace
A fork of trust
And a bowl of prayers
Marry christmasss….

·        With faith
We move closer
To god
With god all think
Marry x mas 2U

·        When you ask god for a gift
Be thankful if he sends
Not diamond
Not pearos
Not riches
But the real love in jesus!
Have a wonderful christmas! : )

·        Wishing u sunlight in your heart
Success in u’r path
Answers to u’r prayers
Happiness in u’r live
Smile in u’r face
Marry Xmas… and happy new year…

·        B-egin with
L-ove in christ
E-xpect blessing
S-hare goodness
S-hine like the sun
I-nspire everybody
N-ever forget that
G-od is with you always, MERRY CHRIS….

·        Merry christmas and happy new year
May all the seasons be filled with joyful
& happiness
Fully regard..

·             ,.+””-., ,.-“”+,
  #(   -_-  )( -_-   )#
Little angels to guide & bless you always
Merry Xmas… & happy new year

·          _!””!_     *”,+”.*,’,
   ( ‘0’,)     ,”Merry””
  <( ¥ )>    Christmas
,(         )    _’*+’;”,.”
Hope, joy, love and peace oweys
Be with you thru this x-mas…

·               .*.*.
Selamat natal…
Kasih yesus menyertaimu…

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